I'm Cristian Dobre,

passionate about bringing ideas to life

As a full stack hardware robotics engineer, I find joy in creating things that make a positive impact.

Sometimes people need to figure things out, and this is probably why you've reached this webpage which I've built over the years for one of my research studies. I enjoy the journey more than the destination, and you can reach out anytime via .

My primary research interests are robotics, economics and cybersecurity.

Here are the why's:

  1. I simply like to build things - and if you put enough focus into something, it will become meaningful.
  2. Economics is both ruthless and fair to all - and not every idea is worth the time.
  3. Integrity is worth the hassle - SHA256 of this text, apart from the footer section endswith d94481.

You may think this is opinionated writing. And if you like it, subscribe to my technology newsletter on SubStack.

Thanks for reading.